The financial opportunities are shared and individual revenue:


Shared Pool Gross Revenue with total number of Station Partners

  1. 30% of The Hour of Power Gross Revenue  

  2. 10% of Virtual Town Halls

  3.  40% of Commercials

  4. $5.00 per Merchandise Unit Sold for entry to events 


Merchandise Sold through CIH Personal Code 

  1. $  50.00 Per Internet Radio Signed To CIH Platform 

  2. $  25.00 Per Community Information HUB Signed 

  3. $    3.00 Per Baton Purchased through your CIH Personal Code 


 Responsibilities - in order for shared revenue be activated 

  1. Provide Logo and Link to Station 

  2. Have 500 people Pick Up Their Baton using their station code

  3. Place paid commercials in the assigned times rotation provided by CIH Media.